My Editing Services

I provide writing and editing services for many applications. I’ll make sure your material is clearly communicated and error free, while respecting your unique “voice”. I’ll work with you to get it right: for you and your reader.


  • Writing/Re-Writing

  • Substantive Editing

  • Stylistic Editing

  • Copyediting

  • Proofreading

  • Researching/ Fact and Reference Checking


  • Marketing/Promotional Material

  • Business Documents and Reports

  • Website/Blog Content

  • Academic Papers

  • Newsletters

  • Cover Letters and Resumes

  • Nonfiction Books/ Articles

  • Personal Documents and more…

frustrated writer2Help!!! Not sure what type of editing your material needs?

I often come across requests for editing services that read something like this: “I need my manual edited.” What does this mean? Fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors? Enhance the sentence structure? Improve the organization? All of the above?

Not sure what your material needs? No worries. My first step in communicating with prospective clients is to help clarify what type or level of editing is needed. For a quick overview of the different types of editing (e.g. proofreading, copyediting), take a look at my 101 Guide to Editing Terms.