Understanding your needs

It is vital for me to have a thorough understanding of your project needs before I take on a job. This assists me in providing you with a fair price quotation, ensures that I work efficiently with your goals in mind, and helps maximize your satisfaction with the process and the finished product. For this to happen, I’ll need specific information about the project:

  • Type of document and content
  • Length of document (word count)
  • Intended audience
  • Type of editing/writing required (copyediting, proofreading…)
  • Inclusion of non-text elements and requirements (images, tables, graphs…)
  • Specific editing and style guidelines if applicable
  • Completion date requirements
  • Sample of the material to be edited (a page, or chapter depending on total length)

Providing you with a project and cost proposal

I take great care in providing you with a project proposal, which includes a price quotation and a timetable. 

No two projects are the same. The price of a job depends on many factors: the length of the document, the complexity of the text, the extent of errors, the type of editing or writing required, and client expectations about the presentation and delivery of the finished document.  I usually charge on an hourly rate but can also quote on a project basis. I make every effort to keep project costs fair and reasonable.

Doing the writing/editing and sending you revisions

I do most of my editing and writing using Microsoft Word Track Changes. If you are not familiar with this feature, I’ll walk you through it. You will receive:

  • A “clean” final version of your document, ready to be printed.
  • For editing jobs, a copy highlighting my changes and any comments or questions about the material, which you will be able to accept or reject.

Some jobs will require a few rounds of editing based on your feedback to my changes. For more complex, substantive edits I include a separate summary that describes my changes and recommendations in greater detail.  For small, uncomplicated editing jobs I can also work on paper using standard editing marks.

Communicating with you

We can talk by email, phone, or even in person if geography cooperates. I work  independently while writing/editing, but there may be times I will need to clarify things with you.

Paying me

 I accept cash, cheques, bank e-transfers, and Pay Pal.